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Conveniently located in Warren, Michigan, Signature Legal provides exceptional legal representation to Metro Detroit and beyond. Specifically, Signature Legal practices in Trusts, Wills, Trust Administration, Probate Litigation, Probate Administration, and Guardianships/Conservatorships.

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Our Practice Areas

Estate Planning Wills & Trusts

Preparing for the unexpected future so you can have peace of mind. Allow us to create an estate plan that will take care of you and your loved ones. The estate plan we put in place will ensure that all of your important assets are distributed to the people of your choosing.

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Probate/Estate Administration

Ensuring the intentions of your loved ones are met and protecting your interests if issues arise. Our attorneys understand the probate laws and will make sure that your assets remain secure and protected should any obstacle arise.

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Medicaid Planning

Preserving as many assets as possible while allowing you to still qualify for Medicaid’s long-term care coverage. Contact one of our experienced attorney’s that can consult you throughout this process and help create a good Medicaid eligibility plan. Preparing for this early will allow you to have more options.

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Protecting the well being, livelihood and financial interests of the person in need. Our attorneys are prepared to protect you in situations where you will not be able to make decisions on your own.

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How it Works

We will walk you through the entire process


Inventory of assets

As we begin the process, we will create a comprehensive list of all your assets. By identifying this up front will be a time saver in the future. This also helps to understand what should be secured and protected as part of the estate plan.



Learning about your primary beneficiaries is crucial to the estate plan. This will ensure that all your loved ones are protected as well as their future needs.


Create a will

A will should be created as it determines what should happen to your property and assets. Without the will, you will die intestate which means the government will determine where your assets should be distributed according to your state’s law. The will will also ensure that minor children are provided for by naming a guardian for them.


Probate and privacy concerns

The estate plan that we put in place will minimize the probate process and its expenses. It will also minimize any potential delays in the process and loss of privacy.


Health care directives

In situations where you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself, the health care directives that we put in place will protect you which involves not only a will but also a power of attorney for health care which allows individuals to make decisions for you if you can’t.


Documentation Storage

It is important to have all documentation stored in a centralized location as the lawyers and the executor that will administer the will, will need to be able to access these documentation upon the death of the estate plan is for.

Client Testimonials

I needed an estate plan done asap as my wife and I were traveling out of the country. They finalized everything for me within a week and gave me a great rate. I was very happy with the service.

I had a great experience with the legal team at Signature Legal. The lawyers were very friendly and helpful. They made the process very easy and were always attentive and responsive with all my concerns. Grateful that I worked with them!

I needed estate planning for my parents, I was finding very high prices from other attorneys who were too busy to listen. Fadi and Stephen made my life a lot easier. They were fast, responsive, gave us a great rate and an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend them.

News & Resources

Revocable vs Irrevocable Trusts

Revocable vs Irrevocable Trusts

We have previously gone over the difference between a will and a trust. Did you know there are two basic types of trusts? Revocable and irrevocable, let’s go over the differences between those. A revocable trust is created by yourself, the grantor and can be modified...

What is Probate in Michigan

What is Probate in Michigan

Probate, by definition, is the legal process that happens after a person (the “decedent”) dies, regardless of whether the person died with a valid will or not. If the decedent dies with a will, their property is distributed according to the will. If a decedent dies...

Challenging A Will In Michigan

Challenging A Will In Michigan

What do you do when you want to contest a will? There are two main things you need to be sure of before doing so, you must have a legal, valid reason, and you must have standing to contest the will aka be an interested party - a beneficiary of the will or a person who...

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